The RABID team brings a unique combination of anthropological inspiration and street-smart marketing savvy to every project we do. And we approach each research challenge with an open mind, considering both the clients’ and the respondents’ unique sets of needs when developing a proposal to meet that challenge.

Anthropologists have demonstrated for over a century that people aren’t fully aware of WHY they do WHAT they do. To unearth the real reasons people make the choices they make day in and day out, simply asking them isn’t enough. You have to dig deeper. Form an empathetic bond with them. Provide the tools that help them communicate.

What’s the best tool for the job? We’re proud to say that there’s no easy answer to that question. Your project, your people, your needs are completely unique, so we’ll employ a unique combination of tools and techniques that will do the best job of digging up the answers you need and get down to the really juicy stuff.

Seemingly unsolvable scenarios really get our tails wagging. In fact, developing new methodologies to address challenging research conundrums is a RABID specialty. Perplexed by a particularly pesky research problem? Call in the RABID team!